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The IPTC News Exchange Format Standards

The IPTC specifies standards for exchanging news since 1979.
These standards define a format ...
  • ... to convey the news content (first only for text, now for all media types including photos, graphics, and streaming media like audio and video)
  • ... to provide a set of metadata describing the content
  • ... to provide a set of management metadata to identify, track and process the content properly.


  • The Family of NewsML-G2-Standards: a set of standards for different use cases but a rich set of common components.
    More about the family >>>

  • NewsML-G2 is the latest standard to exchange news of any kind and media-type and builds on XML.

  • EventsML-G2 is a standard for conveying event information in a news industry environment and builds on XML.

  • SportsML is a solution for sharing sports data and builds on XML.

  • NewsML 1 was IPTC's first standard to exchange multimedia news and packages of them and builds on XML.

  • NITF is a format to define the content and structure of news articles and builds on XML.

  • IIM was the first multimedia format of the IPTC and builds on binary data.

  • IPTC7901 was the first news exchange format of the IPTC at all and is still widely used for simple text-only transmissions.
Note: Find more on the standards for metadata embedded into photo image files in the Photo Metadata section of this website.

Supporting Documents

  • Newspaper Terms of North America
    This 20 page document shows many example newspaper pages and how their layout and design elements are called in North America. It also helps to better understand many terms which are used by the NITF standard. [DOWNLOAD - 15 MB!]



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IPTC 7901

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