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IPTC Members

IPTC is an organization based on members. The IPTC membership consists of news agencies, news agency alliances, newspaper publishers' organisations, individual newspapers and system vendors. The membership has representatives from all continents except South America

IPTC provides four types of membership:

Voting Members:
this is open to organizations and companies concerned with news collection, distribution and publishing.

Associate Members:
this is open to organizations and companies as for the Nominating membership and for system vendors supporting the news industry.

Individual Members:
this is open to individuals who work in the same business sector as Voting and Associate members.

Honorary Members:
this type of membership is awarded to long-time member delegates for their substantial contributions to the IPTC.

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Find below the current members of the IPTC:

Voting Members

Associate Members

Honorary Members



Membership Q&A

Questions about IPTC membership and standards? Here are the answers.

How To Join

We have a page full of details about joining the IPTC.

More Resources

Publicly available documents with information about the IPTC as an organisation are available on this page.