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Media Releases

25 November 2014
IPTC Photo Metadata extended to be more precise and reliable
28 August 2014
IPTC tests how well inexpensive software performs in tagging images with rights information
20 June 2014
Stuart Myles new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IPTC
19 June 2014
Aptoma, Apex Content Solutions, FotoWare and Marko Grobelnik join IPTC
27 February 2014
IPTC NewsML-G2 Quick Start Guides pave the way to a more powerful news exchange.
23 May 2013IPTC Photo Metadata Conference "Image Rights - Manage them or Lose Them"
12 March 2013
IPTC study shows some social media networks routinely remove rights information from photos
26 April 2012
New RightsML standard to express news usage rights enters trial phase
29 March 2012
Finding Images is the Key to Effective Photo Business
13 December 2011
New campaign to embed information permanently in digital media
30 November 2011 IPTC's rNews standard for metadata in web pages ready for production use
27 September adopts IPTC's rNews for news markup
15 June 2011
Vincent  Baby new Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPTC
14 June 2011
IPTC approves rNews draft v 0.5 - next step towards production version
8 June 2011
News syndication version of ACAP ready for launch and management handed over to the IPTC
20 May 2011
IPTC Challenges Media Vendors to join the dots on Metadata
20 May 2011
CEPIC and IPTC release Image Metadata Handbook
5 April 2011
IPTC releases rNews standard draft for embedding metadata in online news
15 July 2010
New IPTC-PLUS Toolkit boosts easy use of photo metadata with Adobe products
13 April 2010
The world’s major news players adopt IPTC G2 for news exchange
24 February 2010Business meets technology at the IPTC Spring Meeting
7 December 2009
IPTC G2-Standards add power to the news exchange
25 March 2009IPTC publishes guidelines for its new G2-Standards
14 Oct 2008New Web Portal for  all IPTC Standards
10 Oct 2008
IPTC and PLUS welcome Metadata Group Guidelines
17 Sep 2008Simplifying News Exchange with IPTC G2-Standards
18 July 2008New IPTC standards for sports data and photography
26 Feb 2008Exchanging News Made Easy with IPTC G2-Standards
23 October 2007Sharing Event Calendars Gets Easier as IPTC Approves New Standard
6 June 2007IPTC released Photo Metadata White Paper - test phase for G2-standards will be launched
3 April 2007 IPTC and Ifra launch the first international Photo Metadata Conference in June 2007
18 July 2006 IPTC will launch its new “G2 Family of Standards” in 2007
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